Want to Become an Angel Investor? Our Six-Month Program Starts June 4th

Angel investing can be very lucrative and a whole lot of fun, but it is also risky and complicated. Many new angel investors fail to educate themselves and because of that, they lose money on the first investments they make and stop angel investing. Because this is exactly what we DON’T WANT TO HAPPEN, we’re launching a six-month training program to better educate and prepare new and aspiring angels. Here are the details:

Six-Month Training Program:
Learn How to Become an Angel Investor
An educational series for new and aspiring angel investors 

The Impact Angel Group, an angel investment group equally dedicated to making a difference and realizing a return, is hosting a six-month training program for accredited investors interested in enhancing their knowledge of angel investing.

Program Details
The six-month program, held in Boulder, Colorado from June – December, 2013 will include: 

Educational Sessions: Eight, two-hour interactive workshops provided by leading experts in angel investing, law, finance, accounting and entrepreneurship. **Note: Three of these sessions will be offered a la carte. See below.

  •  June 4th: The Basics of Angel Investing
  • August 6th: Valuing Early Stage Companies  
  • September 6th: The Tax Implications of Angel Investing 
  • September 20th: Assessing Startup Founders and Finding All-Star Teams
  • October 8th: Due Diligence: How to Do Your Investment Homework Quickly and Efficiently
  • October 18th: Investment Terms: Understanding Investor Rights and Contracts
  • November 5th: Avoiding Future Financing Nightmares
  • December 6th: Finding the Right Angel Investor Strategy For You / Finding Your Place in the Angel Community

    ***Events will be held from 10:30am to 12:30pm.  Dates and times may be adjusted .  Ancillary information will be provided to participants who are unable to attend any specific session. **Three of these sessions will be offered a la carte. See below.

Private Investment Pitch Sessions: Three private Q and A sessions with pre-screened companies actively raising angel capital in Colorado. Seasoned and successful angels will also attend and participate to provide an active learning experience. 

One-on-One Guidance Sessions: Up to three one-on-one, one-hour guidance sessions with program managers Elizabeth Kraus, an active angel investor and the managing director of the Impact Angel Group, and/or Sheila Lamont, a “recovering” attorney and the director of deal flow for the Impact Angel Group.  These sessions are designed to address specific questions from the participants and to match participants with appropriate mentors and professional support services in the Impact Angel Group network . 

Investor Mentor Matching: Each program participant will be matched with a local active angel investor who will serve as a mentor for up to one year. See list of mentors and presenters.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Individuals who meet the SEC investor accreditation requirements
  • Investors who are new to angel investing and interested in enhancing their knowledge and expanding their connections in the angel investing community

Registration and Cost:
The cost of the program is $625. Register for the program or contact us for more information.

Can’t attend all of the sessions?
We are offering the option to participate by phone and we are also offering three of the sessions a la carte. These sessions will not include the one-on-one guidance sessions or mentoring and will be priced at $125/session. A la carte sessions include:

Assessing Startup Founders and Finding All-Star Teams
 – September 20th, 2013

Due Diligence: How to Do Your Investment Homework Quickly and Efficiently – October 8th, 2013

Avoiding Future Financing Nightmares – November 5th, 2013

Hope you can join us!!




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