Impact Angel Group Gearing Up to Invest for Colorado Flood Recovery

Our thoughts are with the entrepreneurs, investors, startup community members and thousands of other people who have been affected by the flood in Colorado. The Impact Angel Group would like to help and is conducting a survey to figure out the best way to do that. Below is a press release about it. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please leave a comment or contact us.

(Boulder, CO) September 16, 2013 The Impact Angel Group, an angel investment group based in Boulder, Colorado, is gathering information from homeowners and businesses in need of flood-related financial support, as well as startup businesses with ideas to assist with Colorado flood recovery efforts. The group will be soliciting information via their website and from other startup community organizations, and will announce a detailed plan of action after reviewing this information. Home and business owners in need of flood-related repair, and capital-seeking startup businesses with ideas to support flood recovery and prevention, are encouraged to complete the group’s survey.

“While the outpouring of philanthropic and federal and state support is proving to be of great assistance, more assistance may be needed to rebuild our community. We are hoping to help mobilize private investors sooner rather than later to support the recovery efforts,” says Elizabeth Kraus, managing director of the Impact Angel Group.

The Securities and Exchange Commission permits individuals who meet accreditation standards to make loans and investments in private companies and real estate. These individual investors, called angel investors, can be a resource for businesses and individuals who are unable to secure support from FEMA or public lending institutions.

The Impact Angel Group will be reviewing investment and loan needs and providing information and resources for home and business owners interested in private investment.

“In light of this unprecedented devastation, we’d like to help mobilize as many sources of capital as possible,” says Kraus. “Seeking loans and investment from private angel investors can be a great way for businesses and homeowners to get back on their feet. Without the right education and resources however, angel investing can be complicated and risky for all parties involved. The Impact Angel Group is hoping to provide knowledge and support to encourage private loans and investments that will benefit both parties.”

In an effort to support recovery efforts, the group will also expand its investment criteria to include:

Boulder County homes and businesses in need of capital for repairs. The group is currently conducting a survey to assess potential opportunities for angel investors to provide financial support for the repair of homes and businesses within Boulder County. Home and business owners in need of assistance are invited to complete this survey.

Colorado-based startup companies addressing flood recovery relief or disaster prevention. The group will also consider investment opportunities from any Colorado-based startup that meets the Impact Angel Group investment criteria and is moving forward with plans to address flood recovery efforts or prevent disasters like this from occurring in the future. Startups can see more details and apply for funding through  the Impact Angel Group website.

“This is not just a philanthropic effort. We all benefit from having one of the strongest real estate markets and startup communities in the country,” says Kraus. “We are certain that our angel investment community will embrace the need for immediate action and have the desire to invest to keep this community strong.”

The group will be announcing more details and opportunities to support this effort in the next coming weeks. Subscribe to the Impact Angel Group blog to stay updated.


About the Impact Angel Group

The Impact Angel Group is an angel investment group equally dedicated to making a difference and realizing a return. The group applies best-of-breed practices to social impact investing and connects viable social entrepreneurs with financial, intellectual and human capital. The mission is to create social impact success stories for both entrepreneurs and investors. For more information visit

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