Startup Community Efforts for Colorado Flood Relief – Please Add Yours to this List!

This flood has made us so humbled to be a part of the Colorado Startup Community. We’ve received hundreds of personal offers to help from our investor members, investees, mentors, and more, but the most touching have been the offers from startup teams living on maxed out credit cards and ramen noodle diets. We are truly impressed.

We thought it might be helpful to showcase a few things happening in our startup community, but more importantly, we’d like to minimize a duplication of services. So….if you are a startup interested in supporting Colorado flood victims or preventing more disasters in the future, please fill out this survey or add your idea as a comment to this post.

In addition to the amazing things our philanthropic community is doing to support flood recovery, the Colorado Startup Community is offering the following:

  1. ShipCompliant and the Kitchen Community are organizing a Happy Hour on Thursday, 9/19 from 3 pm to 6 pm at the Kitchen Next Door. The Kitchen Community is donating 100% of profits and ShipCompliant is matching donations. Read more about it here.
  2. The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) is taking donations to support Colorado Flood recovery efforts. If you’d like to join EFCO, or contribute a check directly to the flood relief efforts, just contact them.
  3. Thanks to Denver Startup Week, Tim Falls at SendGrid and Brandon Rattiner at Senator Udall’s office, Denver Startup Weeks’s API Hack Day on Saturday September 21st will now have a focus on building apps for flood relief. (see comment below for details)
  4. In addition to aggregating startup support info, The Impact Angel Group (that’s us) is trying to aggregate information from the startup community and we are gathering information to see if there is a need for private loans to home and business owners affected by the flood. If you are a startup with an idea to support flood recovery efforts or a business or homeowner in need of financial assistance, fill out this survey.
  5. hull is offering free unlimited usage to build the collaborative apps that can help organize the recovery efforts, along with help and assistance in the form of code contribution and time to the developers interested in building these apps.
  6. Crowdfunding Offerings is offering to waive the crowdfunding admin fee for one year on the platform for projects that 1) originate in a Cloud (Free) 2) are created for the Colorado Flood Recovery 3) fall within the flood area boundaries, and 4) are within the business or community development arena identified in their guidelines.
  7. And since our Open Space is such an important draw for entrepreneurs to our community, it would be good to mention that The Boulder Climbing Community has setup a fund for trail repair in areas around Boulder.

Anything else? Fill out our survey or leave a comment to let us know. Thanks!!!


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  1. Elizabeth Kraus says:


    Update on what’s needed: Senator Udall is partnering with Denver Startup Week for API Hack Day. Relief efforts are still largely concentrated on search and rescue, meaning a comprehensive list of material needs or damages won’t be available particularly soon. So that means the immediate needs break down into three essential categories: (1) Distribution of information about relief resources and how to register with the appropriate agencies, (2) Registering people with the right agencies, and (3) Helping fundraise for the inevitable costs of repair. Developers will be encouraged to innovate some new ideas and solutions. The facilitators want to be prescriptive about what folks need, but information distribution and fundraising efforts will be provided.

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