Mother’s Day | Save Two Women – Support a Startup – Order by Tonight

Looking for a last minute gift for Mother’s Day? These super cute purses sold by Fort Collins, Colorado-based ayzh, will save two lives, support a local startup and look great on mom. Should be a no-brainer. Order by tonight to make sure it arrives in time for Mother’s Day!

If you haven’t had the pleasure to meet Zubaida Bai, the founder of ayzh, she is a tireless entrepreneur with an amazing mission. Over 1 million women each year die due to infection contracted during childbirth in India alone and Zubaida wanted to do something about this. She founded ayzh to save lives and change lives — one product at a time.

ayzh employs women to package its first core product, JANMA, in a biodegradable jute bag that can be reused by new mothers as a purse. ayzh launched JANMA, a $2 clean birth kit, to help hospitals and nonprofit organizations prevent infection at time of birth and reduce maternal and infant mortality. The kit contains simple tools recommended by the World Health Organization to provide sanitation and sterility at the time of childbirth, which not only saves the lives of mother and baby, but also helps ensure a healthy and happy start to life.

I feel incredibly privileged to be an investor in this company and to know Zubaida. I hope you will feel the same fulfillment by supporting this company and buying a purse – Small Purse. Big Change.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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