Submit an Opportunity

To submit an investment to be considered by the Impact Angel Group, please follow these directions:

Any companies that do not follow these directions will be immediately rejected.

1. Review our investment criteria. If you do not meet our investment criteria, please do not apply, but consider posting your opportunity on or attending one of our events to help entrepreneurs become “investor ready”.

2. If you DO meet our investment criteria, complete this application (we use to process our applications).

Note: We know entrepreneurs are very busy, so if you have already applied to:

  • Rockies Venture Club,
  • High Altitude Investors,
  • Boulder Angels,
  • Colorado Angel Investors,
  • Colorado BioScience Association sponsored pitch events,
  • Cleantech Open,
  • NREL Industry Growth Forum,
  • or CID4,

we will accept applications in their format. If you have an existing profile, simply add that application to your profile and share your opportunity with the Impact Angel Group on If you do not have an existing profile, create one by filling in the minimum required fields and add that application to your profile.

3. Prospective investments will be contacted within two weeks to confirm submission.

4. Within 30 days, we will determine and communicate the investment status:

  • Actively pursue – a due diligence lead will be identified and will contact the prospective investment within 60 days of the opportunity submission.
  • Actively watch – will refer to preferred partners if appropriate, 3-6 month follow-up scheduled
  • Passively watch – will refer to preferred partners if appropriate, one year follow-up will be scheduled
  • Deny – will refer to preferred partners if appropriate

Due to the high volume of investment submissions, we unfortunately cannot accept emails or calls from entrepreneurs who we do not choose to “actively pursue”.

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