What are we?

A group of impact investors who provide capital and expertise to make a difference and realize a financial return.

What aren’t we?

We are NOT a/an:

1) Incubator
2) Service Provider
3) Crowdfunding organization
4) Philanthropic foundation
5) Place to sing Kum bah yah

We are real investors who want to create an impact and see a return.

When was the group founded?

The Impact Angel Group was founded in 2012 and became a formal membership organization in August of 2013.

Where is the group headquartered?

Boulder, Colorado

What types of investments do we consider?

See investment criteria

How much and in which companies have we invested?

See the results of our most recent member investment survey.

How do entrepreneurs submit an investment opportunity to the group?

See submission requirements.

In what format should entrepreneurs deliver information regarding their investment opportunity?

See our resources page.

How do we structure our investments?

After one year of membership, our members are required to invest $10,000 into a yearly fund from which the Impact Angel Group’s investment committee can make investments. Our members are also encouraged to invest as individuals alongside the fund or in other opportunities presented by the Impact Angel Group.

What level of investment does the group typically provide?

Since becoming a formal membership organization in August of 2013, our members have committed, in aggregate, anywhere from $10,000 to $310,000 per deal. We also have several angel groups and individuals that we syndicate with on a regular basis, which can increase our fundraising impact significantly.

Why is financial success so important?

Read about it here.

How do we aim to create impact?

Read about it here.

How do we define “social impact”?

Read about it here.

More questions?

Contact us.

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