Impact Angel Group Hike 3pm Friday! Sunny and 42 Degrees

Hello all.

Just a quick note to remind you that we have an Angel Investor / Entrepreneur Hike scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm. It’s supposed to be sunny and 42 degrees, a big improvement from the -12 degrees we saw last week! Sign up.


Note: We are now starting our hikes at 3pm rather than 3:30pm.

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Potential Pitfalls of Crowdfunding | 8 Questions Investors Should Ask Before Joining the Crowd

Senator Michael Bennet is hosting a forum to solicit input on the proposed SEC regulations regarding crowdfunding this Friday, December 6th, in Denver and it has given me some motivation to collect my own thoughts on crowdfunding. We have been doing a fair amount of research on this and have been trying to do some investing in crowdfunded opportunities. From our experience, it seems as if there are several potential problems that investors should watch out for. The following are just a few questions to ask before investing in a crowdfunding opportunity: Continue reading

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5 Colorado Angel-Backed Products to Spice up Your Thanksgiving

With Turkey Day right around the corner, I thought it might be fun to share a few ways to add some angel investor kick to your Thanksgiving meal. The following are five Thanksgiving-friendly products that have previously been backed by local Colorado angel investors:


Photo by Ruthanne Reid
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Hilarious Video Making Fun of Venture Capitalists | Totally Sending the Wrong Message

We came across this video and I have to admit it’s hilarious! In only 3.5 minutes, they’ve managed to poke fun at about 15 things that investors do that annoy entrepreneurs. I’m pretty impressed with the entertainment value, but I have to take issue with the overall message this is sending. I think THIS VIDEO IS PERPETUATING STEREOTYPES THAT HARM ENTREPRENEURS AND INVESTORS and here’s just a few reasons why it’s not helpful:

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November 5th | How Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors Can Avoid Future Financing Nightmares

The Impact Angel Group, EKS&H, Rocky Mountain Innosphere and Impact HUB are joining forces to host “How to Avoid Future Financing Nightmares” on November 5th in Boulder.

Date: November 5, 2013
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Impact HUB – Boulder
Price: $125
Registration: SIGN UP

Event Topic
Angel investment is a critical part of many startups’ success, but if not done properly, the terms and structure of early investments can cause major headaches for future investment rounds and acquisitions. Join John Ives from Tahoma Ventures, Mark Kreloff from Kreloff Equity Partners and John DeVore from EKS&H for an interactive panel to find out how to avoid future financing nightmares.


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Five Things I Learned About the Tax and Legal Implications of Angel Investing

The Impact Angel Group recently held an event at the Impact HUB for angel investors entitled “Managing Your Personal and Tax Liability”.  We received some great advice from Jeremy Wilson of EKS&H and Laurel Durham and Mark Weakley of Bryan Cave LLP. Here are my top five takeaways…

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Comment by 10/23: Why Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs Need to Send Comments to the SEC

On September 23, 2013, the SEC lifted the ban on general solicitation for startups raising money from angel investors under Regulation D Rule 506(c). This may seem like a good thing, but the devil is certainly in the details. The proposed rules could be cumbersome and costly for entrepreneurs and angel investors to comply with. If passed, the proposed SEC regulations may be a HUGE THREAT to angel investing and entrepreneurship.

If you care anything about angel investing or entrepreneurship, SUBMIT A COMMENT (see details below). The comment period will only be open until 10/23, so please hurry!!!

Here are a few resources to help you submit a comment to discourage the SEC from passing the proposed rules:

  1. See these directions to submit a comment and a link to submit the comment
  2. If you are an angel investor, the Angel Capital Association has put together an easy template to help you comment. (NOTE: the link to the comment page in this pdf is broken, so use this link to actually submit a comment.)
  3. Again, here is the link to submit a comment. Seriously, DO IT!!
  4. If you’d like to learn more about the proposed SEC regulations, see:
    -This awesome JOBS ACT resource page from the Angel Capital Association
    -This great slide presentation (scroll down and see “Crowdfunding Presentation” on his LinkedIn page) from lawyer, Chris Hazlitt from Bryan Cave, LLP.
  5. Subscribe to our blog to stay updated. We had a great event on this topic with Chris Hazlitt from Bryan Cave LLP and Kevin Gile from Anton Collins Mitchell yesterday and we’ll be sharing our lessons learned very soon.

Happy Commenting!!

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10/16 | New SEC Regulations: What ALL Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Join us on October 16th in Central Park, Boulder, to learn how to navigate the new SEC Regulations!

On September 23rd, the SEC announced new rules that may affect all angel investors and entrepreneurs regardless of whether they participate in crowdfunding or not. Since the existing and proposed rules are complicated and convoluted, we’ve invited some tax and legal experts to help us all navigate this. Hope you can make it!

New SEC Regulations: What Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (followed by an optional, informal walk-and-learn along the creek from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm)
Location: Central Park Boulder (or Bryan Cave LLP if the weather is bad)
Cost: $15
Sign up.
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Startup Community Members: Give Your Colorado Flood Donations Through EFCO!!!

Calling all entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and startup community members planning to make a donation to support Colorado Flood recovery — Please make your donations through the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) so we can track our startup community support.


  1. Click Here to Donate to the Foothills Flood Relief Fund
  2. Designate the ‘General Fund Relief (to support the United Way Fund)’ and mention ‘EFCO’ in your dedication so we can track the impact of the startup community.
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Startup Community Efforts for Colorado Flood Relief – Please Add Yours to this List!

This flood has made us so humbled to be a part of the Colorado Startup Community. We’ve received hundreds of personal offers to help from our investor members, investees, mentors, and more, but the most touching have been the offers from startup teams living on maxed out credit cards and ramen noodle diets. We are truly impressed.

We thought it might be helpful to showcase a few things happening in our startup community, but more importantly, we’d like to minimize a duplication of services. So….if you are a startup interested in supporting Colorado flood victims or preventing more disasters in the future, please fill out this survey or add your idea as a comment to this post.

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