The following is a list of helpful resources for entrepreneurs and angel investors.

  1. How to write an executive summary – The Impact Angel Group worked with several angel groups to develop this Executive Summary Template to help entrepreneurs answer the key questions most angel investors will ask. We also recommend creating an application on, which allows entrepreneurs to export an executive summary in a one-page format.
  2. The qualities of companies that angel investors invest in – While every angel investor is different, there are certain criteria that most angel investors look for when determining whether a potential investment will be successful.
  3. How to give an angel investor pitch – A slide by slide guide to giving a killer pitch to angel investors
  4. Our due diligence process – A presentation outlining our due diligence process (read the notes section of each slide for more details.)
  5. Our due diligence questions – The questions we ask in our first meeting and after we confirm that we are seriously interested in investing
  6. Documentation to prepare/require for final angel due diligence – This list outlines the documentation we would require in the final steps before making an investment, assuming we were the lead investor and investing more than $100,000.
  7. Due diligence resources – Seven great tools for assessing potential angel investments

Additionally, the Impact Angel Group hosts a series of educational events to help educate both entrepreneurs and investors.

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