Breaking News: The Impact Angel Group is Becoming Part of Investors’ Circle

I am thrilled to announce that the Impact Angel Group is going to become a part of Investors’ Circle (IC), the largest and most active early-stage impact investing network in the world. This change will connect our nearly 50 Impact Angel Group members and our network of entrepreneurs to a robust impact investing organization. Nationally, IC has propelled over $185 million into more than 285 enterprises dedicated to improving the environment, education, health, and community. By creating the IC Colorado Local Network, we can connect Colorado angel investors to high-quality deal flow and entrepreneurs to significant sources of capital.

Since starting the Impact Angel Group four years ago, I’ve been trying to find enough people committed to impact investing at the angel level to create a viable network here in Colorado. I’m thrilled that we’ve reached the critical mass that makes it possible to connect what’s happening here to the national impact investing ecosystem. We have a lot to offer and gain.

Here is how this transition will work:

Investors’ Circle and the Impact Angel Group will combine our Colorado membership to form IC Colorado Local Network. The Impact Angel Group will no longer operate as an angel membership organization.

Impact Angel Group members will transition to Investors’ Circle members.

Accredited investors interested in joining the new IC Colorado local network can apply here.

The Impact Angel Group Fund will continue to operate and invest in high-impact, high-return opportunities, but will not be accepting direct applications from entrepreneurs. Rather, we will serve as an additional source of capital to fund opportunities sourced through the IC network.

Entrepreneurs who have applied or plan to apply for funding from the Impact Angel Group will be transitioned into Investors’ Circle investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs interested in obtaining funding from the new IC Colorado Local Network should apply for funding here.

If you have further questions, please leave a comment. We look forward to building a better and stronger angel investment community in Colorado. We hope you are as excited about this transition as we are.

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