Breaking News: The Impact Angel Group is Becoming Part of Investors’ Circle

I am thrilled to announce that the Impact Angel Group is going to become a part of Investors’ Circle (IC), the largest and most active early-stage impact investing network in the world. This change will connect our nearly 50 Impact Angel Group members and our network of entrepreneurs to a robust impact investing organization. Nationally, IC has propelled over $185 million into more than 285 enterprises dedicated to improving the environment, education, health, and community. By creating the IC Colorado Local Network, we can connect Colorado angel investors to high-quality deal flow and entrepreneurs to significant sources of capital. Continue reading

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Does the Startup Community Only Benefit Rich White Men?

Recently, at a Boulder City Council meeting regarding local challenges with affordable housing, Councilman Macon Cowles said Boulder’s startup economy brought a lot of very highly-paid white men to the city, and they were pricing out families and others. He then followed up with the statement “I don’t think that’s what people want.”

I am baffled by these comments both because our startup community is NOT made up of only highly-paid white men (as Nicole Glaros, Jason Mendelson and Rajat Bhargava explained in their Daily Camera opinion piece) and because I have seen the positive impact of the Boulder startup economy firsthand. I never imagined our city leaders would view our startup economy as anything but positive, but I’d like to explain why I see it that way. I hope this serves as a framework for our Boulder discussion and other startup communities facing similar adversity. Continue reading

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How Do You Know if a Startup Team is Investment Worthy?

Most angel investors will tell you that the team is the most important thing to consider when vetting an angel investment. As David Cohen says, “At Techstars, we look at five things: team, team, team, market and idea in that order”. But what does an all-star “team” really look like? And what questions can you ask to figure out if you’ve found one? Continue reading

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Entrepreneur/Angel Investor Education Event: Avoiding Future Financing Nightmares on 8/21

Angel investment is a critical part of many startups’ success, but if not done properly, the terms and structure of early investments can cause major headaches for future investment rounds and acquisitions. Join an interactive panel of legal and accounting experts, and experienced angel investors to find out how to avoid future financing nightmares.

This event  is part of our Summer Startup Learning Series in the Park in which the Impact Angel Group encourages Boulder entrepreneurs to get out of the office and find time to exercise.

REGISTER Continue reading

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Expanding Our Geographic Reach to Focus on High-Impact Investments

The Impact Angel Group’s definition of “impact” has been evolving over time in order to make the most needed and efficient impact possible. For the last year, we concentrated on investing in Colorado-based companies, but we have recently decided to widen our focus.  Continue reading

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The Importance of Asking Before Making an Intro to an Angel Investor

When I first started angel investing, John Ives from Tahoma Ventures took the time to meet me for coffee to welcome me into the angel community. He spent over an hour with me to kindly answer my newbie angel questions and to make sure I was someone he would feel comfortable sharing investment opportunities and introductions with. At the end of our meeting he said, “I know a few people you might enjoy meeting, but I need to reach out to them to ask them if they are open to an introduction. Also, as just an FYI, it’s really good practice to ask before you make an introduction to other angel investors.” Continue reading

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9 Angel Investing Resources – Courtesy of Boulder Startup Week

Over the past two days, I’ve had the privilege to speak at two Boulder Startup Week events with an all-star lineup of startup community thought leaders: Brad Bernthal, Seth Levine, Claudia Batten, Todd Vernon, Morris Wheeler, Ari Newman, Sue Heilbronner and Robert Fenwick-Smith. You can read a recap of our first BSW event here and below is a list of the resources this lineup recommended for angel investors and entrepreneurs raising angel capital. We thought it might be helpful to pass along. Enjoy! Continue reading

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How to Actually Integrate Impact into the Portfolio – 5/21 in Boulder

There has been a lot of talk about the definition and theory of impact investing, but how does one actually become an impact investor? Join us in Boulder on 5/21 to find out!!

Click here to REGISTER
For blog readers, use the code TIAG35 for a $90 discount. Impact Angel Members – check your last member email for your special code.

When? Wednesday, 5/21 from noon to 1:30 pm
Where? Downtown Boulder
Details? Details and Registration Link Continue reading

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Mother’s Day | Save Two Women – Support a Startup – Order by Tonight

Looking for a last minute gift for Mother’s Day? These super cute purses sold by Fort Collins, Colorado-based ayzh, will save two lives, support a local startup and look great on mom. Should be a no-brainer. Order by tonight to make sure it arrives in time for Mother’s Day! Continue reading

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Funding Your Dream | 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Today we have a guest post from one of our favorite entrepreneurs, Leslie Kimerling, co-founder and CEO of Double Helix LLC, a nano-optics company bringing 3D and super-resolution imaging technologies to the bioscience and advanced industries markets. Leslie attended a recent panel moderated by Elizabeth Kraus, the managing director of the Impact Angel Group, and has recounted her experience. 

I recently found my way to the second annual WILD Summit.  WILD is an initiative of the Women’s Council at CU’s Leeds School of Business.  The WILD Summit is an annual event designed to provide a professional forum for women as they say in their mission statement “who want to learn and share; inspire and be inspired.” Continue reading

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