Funding Your Dream | 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Today we have a guest post from one of our favorite entrepreneurs, Leslie Kimerling, co-founder and CEO of Double Helix LLC, a nano-optics company bringing 3D and super-resolution imaging technologies to the bioscience and advanced industries markets. Leslie attended a recent panel moderated by Elizabeth Kraus, the managing director of the Impact Angel Group, and has recounted her experience. 

I recently found my way to the second annual WILD Summit.  WILD is an initiative of the Women’s Council at CU’s Leeds School of Business.  The WILD Summit is an annual event designed to provide a professional forum for women as they say in their mission statement “who want to learn and share; inspire and be inspired.” Continue reading

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A Taste of Humble Pie from My Meeting with Tajikistan Entrepreneurs

An important part of the Impact Angel Group’s mission is to strengthen our startup community and entrepreneurial ecosystem, so we often participate in community building events. This event was particularly interesting, so I thought it might be helpful to share my experience:

I was recently invited to meet with a group of female entrepreneurs from Tajikistan who were visiting Boulder. Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, is Boulder’s sister city (hence the Dushanbe Tea House) and in an effort to “to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between Eurasian and American leaders”, a group of Tajik entrepreneurs come to Boulder each year. I was invited to attend the meeting to help shed light on Boulder’s “secret sauce” to help the entrepreneurs better understand how to build a successful startup community. In the process however, I realized they had a lot more to teach me than I could ever teach them. Continue reading

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Learn to Be an Angel Investor on 4/8

With a new startup forming every 72 hours in the Boulder/Denver area, more and more individuals are trying their hand at “angel investing“.

Angel investors, or individual investors who invest their own money into businesses that are generally too early-stage to secure a bank loan or venture capital, play an important role in our community.

Join us for an angel investing crash course!

Investing in Startups | The Basics of Angel Investing

Date: Tuesday, April 8th
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Location: First Western Trust Bank in Boulder

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Angel Investors’ Investment Criteria | The Gold Standard

Entrepreneurs and angel investors often ask me: What kinds of companies do angel investors invest in?

Because angel investors are individuals and all individuals are different, it’s really hard to answer this question. However, from our experience reviewing over 1000 angel investment opportunities and meeting with nearly 500 angel investors, we can say that there is a list of criteria that most investors strive to meet. This doesn’t mean that angels won’t invest in companies that don’t meet all of these criteria, and many investors require additional criteria (i.e.: impact). Rather, this is simply a gold standard that most investors strive for.

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Should Women Be Insulted by Gender Lens Investing?

As we saw at our Impact in Angel Investor Decisions event recently, it seems as if every angel investing event I attend invokes a conversation about the need to support female entrepreneurs. In the past week, four people have asked me what they can do to help women entrepreneurs and angel investors. While these offers for support are certainly well-intentioned, I’m starting to wonder whether I should be insulted by this overwhelming urge to provide extra support to women through gender lens investing. Continue reading

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Impact Angel Group 2013 Investments | How Much and in Which Companies Did We Invest?

Since one of the most important principles of impact investing is transparency, we thought we should practice what we preach. As a follow-up to our report on our impact in 2013, here are the results of our member investment activity survey: Continue reading

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The Impact Angel Group’s New and Improved Definition of Impact

The Impact Angel Group has been doing a lot of thinking about this thing called “impact”. What is the impact that we want the group to have going forward? How narrowly defined and focused on impact do we want our investments to be? And what is our definition of impact? After a fair amount of research and deliberation, here are our revised thoughts. What do you think? Continue reading

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2/12: Join Us With Brad Feld and Investors’ Circle for “Impact” in Angel Investor Decisions

The Impact Angel Group is hosting an event on February 12th and we’re offering a $30 discount to our blog subscribers. Sign up by Monday to receive this discount.

“Impact” in Angel Investor Decisions
Featuring Brad Feld and Investors’ Circle

When: February 12, 2014 from 11:30am to 1:30pm
Where: The St. Julien in Downtown Boulder
Cost: $75 — Sign up by 1/27 and use the promo code “TIAGBLOG” for a $30 discount.
Registration: Sign up

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The Impact Angel Group’s Impact in 2013

It’s been a busy year at the Impact Angel Group! We’ve been working hard to fulfill our mission to make a difference and realize a return for investors. Below is the progress we’ve made in 2013.

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6 Colorado Angel Investor-Backed Holiday Gift Ideas

Need some last minute holiday shopping ideas? Check out these awesome products from Colorado-based angel investor-backed companies!


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