Impact Angel Group 2013 Investments | How Much and in Which Companies Did We Invest?

Since one of the most important principles of impact investing is transparency, we thought we should practice what we preach. As a follow-up to our report on our impact in 2013, here are the results of our member investment activity survey:

Note: Our organization has only been a formal membership organization since August, but some of these investments were made when we were an informal group of angel investors. 22 of our 40 angel investor members participated in our survey. We are aware of at least an additional $100k that was invested, but below is what was officially reported.

Total Investment Activity Reported: $2,023,200

Amount Invested in Opportunities Presented by the Impact Angel Group: $483,416 invested, $704,416 committed

Presented Investments that Received Investment: (All of our members make individual investment decisions, so this isn’t a perfect science, but these are the reported investments in opportunities we shared with our group.)

  1. Tahoma Ventures: $12,500 (50K committed)
  2. Pairin: $16,666 (hope the investment is luckier than this number!)
  3. Rapt Media (formerly Flixmaster): $53, 824
  4. Tusaar: $25,000
  5. Open Road Snacks: $187,750
  6. Isonas: $75,000
  7. FG Angels: $114,000 invested ($310,000 committed)
  8. Ozuke: $10,000
  9. Kindara: $17,500
  10. Beneath the Ink: $25,000

What is the impact of these investments? All of these opportunities are based in Colorado and will, at a minimum, have a positive effect on the local economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem. For more details about the impact of each of these, stay tuned for our next post!

What’s next? Our organization is growing rapidly, so we anticipate our impact to increase significantly for 2014.



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