Investment Criteria

What type of investments do we consider?

Our most important criteria:

Our preferences:

  • Colorado-based companies
  • Seed and early-stage
  • A strong management team
  • A clear understanding of the market(s)
  • Legally defensible technology or IP
  • Proof of concept demonstrated by contracts, revenues, strategic partnerships, etc.
  • Companies raising less than a five million dollars in their current round and less than 20 million dollars in total
  • Companies with pre-money valuations less than five (ideally two) million dollars

To better understand what angel investors are looking for, read this.

What types of investments do we NOT consider?

  • We do not consider individuals or technologies, only fully-formed companies.
  • We do not consider businesses that are in idea or concept-stage, and strongly prefer companies that have achieved some degree of traction – revenue, contracts, strategic partnerships, etc.
  • We do not accept religion-based companies.
  • We do not accept purely nonprofit organizations, but will consider for-profit subsidiaries or partners of nonprofits.

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