5 Colorado Angel-Backed Products to Spice up Your Thanksgiving

With Turkey Day right around the corner, I thought it might be fun to share a few ways to add some angel investor kick to your Thanksgiving meal. The following are five Thanksgiving-friendly products that have previously been backed by local Colorado angel investors:


Photo by Ruthanne Reid

  1. ozuké: Japanese for “the best pickled things”, ozuké makes delicious, organic, raw and probiotic slaws, kimchi and pickles. Their Ruby Calendula would make an excellent turkey side or leftover turkey sandwich topping. This kraut is a sassy blend of red cabbage, saffron colored calendula blossoms and orange peel, and it’s probiotic goodness will be the perfect remedy for your Thankgiving-stretched tummy!
  2. Open Road Snacks: One of the Impact Angel Group’s most recent investments, Open Road Snacks is the maker of Rocky Mountain Popcorn and a new invention called “Poplets“, a half-baked popcorn snack that is a tasty, healthy and more teeth-friendly alternative to Corn Nuts. The NotaTin, their eco-friendly version of the popcorn tin, is a great hostess gift full of six different flavors of popcorn, and an all natural, gluten free, healthy, tasty game day snack.
  3. Madhava: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Greenmont Capital-backed Madhava natural sweeteners. Their pumpkin pie recipe and pumpkin praline cupcakes sound delicious!
  4. Olomomo: If you haven’t tried Olomomo nuts, they are a savory sweet mouth explosion! My Thanksgiving recommendation is to add them to a salad with apples and dried cranberries. It’s my husband’s favorite salad and they are way easier than browning those messy candied walnuts yourself.
  5. Gluten Free Bistro: Do you have Celiac family members or guests with a gluten intolerance? Pick up some Gluten Free Bistro dough on your next trip to Wholefoods. Who can resist gluten free dinner rolls that don’t taste like cardboard and are actually good for you?

…and now I need to stop writing because I am getting HUNGRY!

Are you going to enjoy any of your investments this Thanksgiving? Feel free to add to the list!

And to quote Olomomo’s tagline: “Be Nutty. Be Good. Be Adventurous.”

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