Startup Community Members: Give Your Colorado Flood Donations Through EFCO!!!

Calling all entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and startup community members planning to make a donation to support Colorado Flood recovery — Please make your donations through the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) so we can track our startup community support.


  1. Click Here to Donate to the Foothills Flood Relief Fund
  2. Designate the ‘General Fund Relief (to support the United Way Fund)’ and mention ‘EFCO’ in your dedication so we can track the impact of the startup community.

What will this donation support?
of what you give will go to the  Foothills Flood Relief Fund.

Why give through EFCO?
Two reasons: 1) This will help us track the impact of the startup community and 2) EFCO is doing great things to support the startup community now and in the future. By giving this visibility (Again, EFCO is not taking a cut of the donations.) to EFCO, you are supporting the future of the startup community. 

But I’m an entrepreneur with maxed out credit cards, how can I give?
Simple! Donate some of your founders’ stock to a nonprofit of your choice by contacting EFCO. You can choose the Foothills Flood Relief Fund as your beneficiary and if your company exits in the near future, you can support the flood efforts. If you don’t exit in the near future and all of the relief is taken care of (which will likely take a really long time), you can simply change the nonprofit beneficiary.

NOTE: The Impact Angel Group is also exploring how to donate a percentage of the carry (profit) of our investments to EFCO. More on that soon. If you are an angel investor or fund manager who is interested in donating a percentage of your earnings to your favorite nonprofit, contact us.

Get on it!

Looking for other ways to support the Colorado Flood efforts?

Check out a list of the other cool things startup companies are doing for flood relief.

Thanks for all of your support!

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